Local produce


Typical products from Jumilla

At Esencia-Wines we sell local produce from Jumilla that is of an outstanding quality, made with wine and the best products from the Murcia Region. These products can satisfy the most demanding palates of connoisseurs, arouse all your senses and give you an unforgettable gastronomic experience.

Jumilla is a town and municipality located in the north of the Murcia Region, which enjoys a Mediterranean climate where the sun shines for more than 3000 hours a year. These conditions help us make top quality typical local products that have a unique flavour, which are irresistible. You will be able to choose from an entire selection of wines with the Jumilla Designation of Origin, made at our own wineries located in front of the Regional Park of the Sierra del Carche, where the temperature is ideal for winemaking. They are wines with their own personality, complex, harmonious, modern and simply delicious.

The Jumilla wine is the star product from our land, but it isn’t the only one, as you will see for yourself if you have a look through our local products catalogue. The extra virgin olive oil is another leading product of ours, made with the Arbequina and Picual olives that have a simply spectacular taste, a charismatic intense and bright green colour, spiciness and a certain degree of acidity, which make it exceptional. Come and try our Pedro Ximenez variety of balsamic vinegar too, which we leave to mature for eight years in American oak casks. It is made using the wine oxygenation method with the PEDRO XIMÉNEZ variety. This vinegar has an extraordinary sweetness and aroma, so it is ideal for salads, meat or fish dishes, sauces, etc.

And as wine and the world of cheese are closely related, we also have wine cheese from Murcia, made with pasteurized milk from the Murcia-Granada breed of goat, which is then soaked in red wine from Jumilla. It is a cheese with a creamy and elastic texture, a mild aroma, a unique pleasantly acidic tang and a salty taste.You just can’t miss out on our local artisan jams from Jumilla either, made with our own Monastrell or Sauvignon Blanc wines, whose sugar content is lower than other jams. To make it the wine is heated at 100ºC, which means that the alcohol evaporates. These jams are perfect to go with foie, pâté, cheese, meat or any other dish. You will love them.