Spanish Ecological wine

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Red Young Bottle of 75 cl

Quality certified ecological wines

At Esencia-Wines we recommend ecological wine, made at our vineyards in Jumilla, using a completely sustainable process, which is environmentally friendly to produce a unique and distinct taste that is very different from any other wine that you have tried.

Being very aware of the need to combat climatic change and reduce the ecological footprint, we have an exclusive selection of quality certified organic wines available that will inspire you for sure. You can enjoy the ecological Jumilla wines, pioneers in the Murcia Region, which will arouse all your senses and delight the palates of the most demanding connoisseurs.

All our wines come from the vineyards of Jumilla that comply with the organic farming requirements. No synthetic fertilizers or PPPs are used here. The wines are stored in cellars as soon as we get the ecological certification, which is when they are inspected to make sure that they are up to standard. To guarantee maximum quality and the best taste, the grapes are harvested by hand, the bunches of grapes are carefully selected on the vines and in the winery itself.

The pre-fermentative cold wine maceration process is carried out in stainless steel tanks for five days, to obtain the distinct aromas of grapes that have been harvested at just the right moment, with the help of the tests carried out by experts during the grape tasting, and more than 20 parameters are taken into consideration so that we attain true excellence. We sell all varieties of organic wine, so you can choose the most appropriate for each occasion. We have the perfect wine for you.

Furthermore, apart from its unique taste and top quality, organic wine has numerous benefits for our health, because 100% organic products are used to make it with the utmost care during the whole process. ecological wine helps lose excess weight, it improves the brain functions, it prevents neural degeneration, it is good for the skin, it releases endorphins, and it prevents oral bacteria and cardiovascular problems. So as you see, there are no excuses when it comes to tasting an organic wine. Go on, try the exclusive organic wine selection that we have available for you and enjoy wines that have been made by artisans with natural products. You won’t be able to resist.