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White wine from Jumilla, a pleasure for your senses

If you love white wine, and you always enjoy it on those very special occasions, you just have to discover the selection of white wines from Jumilla that we have prepared for you. They are distinguished for their high quality and unmistakable taste. Wines that will impress you for sure.

White wine from Jumilla has become one of the most successful and popular wines in Spain, with its distinct freshness that only the best white grapes can produce. The D.O. Jumilla white wines are made mainly with the Sauvignon Blanc and Macabeo grape varieties, which are perfectly protected from the sun’s rays and the high temperatures thanks to the conditions and the climate in the Sierra del Carche, which is more than 700 metres above sea level. With an extensive white wine catalogue to choose from, they are all outstanding wines that can win over the most demanding palates of wine connoisseurs. Those from two prestigious wineries “Casa de la Ermita” and “Hacienda del Carche”, are benchmarks in Spain.

Their taste and their unique bouquet will win you over. The Lunático Blanco or the Taus white wine are definite highlights not to missed on the wine list, and they are distinguished for being very aromatic, tasty, well-balanced, with fresh touch of acidity that will impress you. They are perfect to go with fish, white meat, cheese, salted meat and fish, Asian food or smoked sausages. We adapt to all tastes and personalities, so that you can sample young white wines, the wine of the year, vintage wines or crianza wines aged in casks, barrel fermented wines or fortified wines.

Because we know that each wine is very different from another, and that only by having a wide variety will we be able to satisfy the demands of our customers. That is why we rely on expert oenologists and sommeliers, plus our long track record in the sector, to improve every day, so that we can supply you with white wine with the Designation of Origin of Jumilla that is on par with other more traditional designations of origin. Seize the opportunity to enjoy a first class white wine conveniently and easily, without even having to leave home. You can order any of our wines through our online store and we will deliver it to your address so that you can sit back, relax and enjoy them.