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Mare Nostrum
33 cl



Low fermentation beer, toasty with a balanced color between the dark brown and black, abundant and persistent white foam. Toasty taste and aroma with high tones of coffee. A not so complex, easy to drink, light and mediumly hopped beer. Made from German malt and hops. Brewed by brewmasters accordingly to the Bavarian purity standards.

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Gourmet beers that arouse all your senses

Beer is one of the oldest drinks in the world, it is considered to be the drink of kings and gods. We relish it just as much as you do, which is why we have come up with an exclusive selection of artisan gourmet beers for a truly unique experience.

At Esencia-Wines we love wine and beer as well, especially the gourmet beers that taste simply spectacular. This passion for beer has prompted us to put together an extensive Premium beer catalogue for you to savour and discover new flavours unknown up until now along with the unmistakable and distinctive taste of the traditional beers.

Nowadays there is a wide range of beer available on the market. The difference between them all depend on how they are made, the ingredients or the type of fermentation process used, which can be top, bottom or spontaneous. One of the most outstanding beers is the Dunkel beer, which is a typical German beer. A dark beer that comes from Bavaria, with a mild taste and an alcohol content of about 5%. The wheat beer is worth a special mention, and it is becoming increasingly more popular in Spain, which is not surprising. It comes from Belgium and Germany, and it is made with a mixture of malted wheat and malted barley, usually using the top fermentation process, and in general it tends to be cloudy.

Another beer to take into account is the Lager, which is served cold and is distinguished for its accentuated flavour. It is also known as pale ale due to its colour. It has a slower fermentation time and it is stored in cool cellars in the final stage to stabilise the flavours. And one of the most exclusive, amazing and delicious varieties is the artisan red ale, which has more body and flavour than traditional beers. It gets its red colour from the high content of roasted caramel malts that enhance its sweetness .

You can find all these beers at Esencia-Wines, where we sell the most exclusive and irresistible beer brands for you to enjoy on those very special occasions. They are also available in our online store.