Spanish Sparkling wine


The sparkling wine, essential for any type of celebration

Delight in our selection of sparkling wines, which are perfect to make toasts at special events and celebrations and to accompany the most exclusive culinary experiences. With varieties for all types, if you are looking for a quality sparkling wine, you have come to the right place.

Sparkling wine has become a must-have at any celebration, and in the last few years it has gained popularity, finding a niche for itself in increasingly more walks of life, thanks to its flexibility and diversity. Champagne, Cava and Prosecco are all famous sparkling wines, but as you will see for yourself in our catalogue, they are not the only ones, because new varieties of sparkling wines are being launched on the market every day, and they are well worth trying, you will be impressed. The difference between them all is the production process.

The most typical feature of a sparkling wine are the bubbles, which are obtained by the dissolved gas that gets trapped under pressure in the bottle, which is when second fermentation begins that produces the lovely bubbles. An important piece of information to take into account is that the smaller the bubbles and the more there are of them, the better the quality of the wine. It is also important to learn how to distinguish the different types of sparkling wines, which vary according to the carbonation process: the traditional method, the Charmat method and the carbonation method.

The traditional sparkling wine method is that used for champagne, which is when gas is produced in the bottle. The Charmat method involves fermentation in a tank, then the carbonated wine is bottled, while the aerated sparkling wine is produced by adding gas artificially.

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