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Dessert wines for the most demanding palates

If you like to round off your meals and those very special occasions with a first class dessert wine, you have come to the right place. At Esencia-Wines we have come up with an exclusive selection of dessert wines that are round on the palate, which you will adore with each sip. You are not going to miss out on these, are you?

Dessert wine is known for having a higher sugar content than other wines, which gives it long-lasting sweetness, and it is there to be enjoyed whenever you feel like it. Our dessert wines improve over time. They come from the most prestigious wineries in Spain in terms of dessert wine. We have the right wine for each consumer, because we have a wide variety of different options to choose from that will go perfectly with each and every moment.

We also have semi-sweet wines, which have a lower sugar content. They are very pleasant on the palate, and they are known for being one of the best options to start off in the world of wine. Always top quality guaranteed, you can choose among the naturally sweet wines and the natural sweet wines. The main difference between them is that in the former, the must is fermented at a high sugar content, while in the latter fermentation is interrupted when the wines are fortified. They are both marvellous and the choice between one or the other just depends on the taste of each consumer.

Among the natural sweet dessert wines Tokay or the Sauternes are well worth a mention, as they are made with dehydrated grapes or raisins, which results in a high sugar and acidity content. And if we focus on the naturally sweet wines, the Moscatel, the Mistela and the Pedro Ximénez, among others, are outstanding. Moreover in the last few years the Port wines and the Madeira wines have also dramatically improved in quality, so they are another feasible option.

The dessert wines are classics that never fail, they are ideal to round off or begin a meal in the best way possible, and they have a leading role in the culinary culture of Spain. At Esencia-Wines we want you to continue enjoying them, by purchasing the dessert wines supplied directly by the traditional wineries online and without having to leave home. Choose the one that you like the most and we will deliver it to you. It is so easy.